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Noted as a daring hairstyle for reggae lovers, the Faux Locs or dreadlocks have been extremely popular amongst the people from the Caribbean. African Americans women prefer to go for using this particular hairstyle is it not only reflects their sense of style, but it also ensures that they can associate themselves with this generation.

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The people from the Caribbean are said to be the pioneers of this particular hairstyle; there are various types of Faux Locs with Marley hair that you can find amongst the various celebrities and people from that particular part of the world. In truth, this trend has been extremely popular amongst the African-Americans and the people with a black skin color for quite a while. Well, if you’re looking for this look in your hair, it is very important for you to know a few things associated with the Faux Locs.

  1. The nature of this type of hair style is semi-permanent. It means that although it is not temporary, neither is a permanent. It is mostly lasting for a time span of up to 3 months, and therefore also considered as a protective hairstyle from the physical state of the natural hairstyle. Well, you can get a permanent variety of Faux Locs with Marley hair, and it is just as it sounds, which is permanent. So, unless you want to be stuck with a hairstyle for the rest of your life, it is important that you do not go for the permanent feature associated with this form of hairstyle.

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  1. If you have a thick scalp, filled with hair, do not go for the synthetic or the yarn fiber options. Always prefer human hair, rather than the synthetic variety. When mixed with the human hair, the synthetic or the yarn fibre can create some sort of texture that would not go down well if you go for a temporary variety of the hairstyle. It leaves you with an alleviated stress in the hair line that does not go down well with your hairstyle.

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  1. Faux Locs with Marley hair is said to be the ultimate style of protective hair mats for a certain period of time. That being said, you need to pick a color that goes down well with your skin tone. For most people, the preference shifts towards the black or dark brown colors. If you go with the darker colors, it would be excellent as it is compatible with your skin tone, and goes down with a perfect blend to your already present hair.Always maintain Faux Locs with Marley hair that is light, and easily manageable. Yes, choose to go for a diameter and the length of yourFaux Locs there is not only easy for you, but also should be just beneath the shoulder length, making it look good and also effective in management.
  2. Although it looks matted, the typical Faux Locs does not go about being neglected. A lot of maintenance and hair care will need to be done to make sure that you will be able to maintain the illustrious glow and shine associated with this particular hairstyle. If possible, take your daily vitamins, and condition your hair and wash them daily if possible. Try and massage your scalp so as to make it effective in its hair growth.

So, what are some of the difficulties faced by women upon resorting to Faux Locs?

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  1. Some women complain that they would have to face a very hard time trying to adjust to the excessive weight of the added hair in their scalp. This style requires at least double the amount of your when you compare it to the traditional braid. So, one has to assume that it needs to be installed within a few days so that the hairstyle will be able to take form. Now, if there is a sudden increase in the weight, the people are going to start suffering from neck and back pain.
  2. Managing it can become a very tough proposition, particularly if the woman happens to be career oriented. Yes, if the length of the Faux Locs is more than shoulder length, then managing it can be extremely tough. Maintaining it, and keeping it in the same state requires constant survey; you cannot give up on it.
  3. This can cost you a lot more than having a traditional hairstyle. So, you need to be ready to handle such a pressure on your budget.

Why do women still prefer to go for the Faux Locs?

Well, if you ask the above question, chances are that you do not know about the cool quotient of this particular hairstyle. Yes, in the late 70s, the dreadlocks were one of the most favored hairstyle that one could find from the generation that professed “make love not war”. So, one can possibly understand and get to know why this hairstyle happens to be amongst those that are most favored by the African-American community.

However, there are some nagging things that you need to be adjusting about when it comes to Faux Locs. For example, you have to be ready to handle the strain on your scalp, and you have to make sure that you pay attention to the ever-changing patterns that you could incorporate into your dreadlocks. Recent studies indicate that you could get highlights into the dreadlocks, making it seem like an ever-changing rainbow inside your hair. Yes, for people those want to step away from the normal, these are some subtle incorporation that can help you to stand out from the crowd.

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With the movie “The Matrix” and bands like Korn incorporating Faux Locs into their style, one can only expect the new generation to imbibe upon this particular hairstyle, and keep it going with a lot of latent fashionesque understandings. You should love and remember that these hairstyles are not only about winding extensions, or putting forward certain sections of your own hair in a twist, but rather something that is revolutionary in its handling of a latent hairstyle.

So, although this happens to be an illusion of the real locks, the Faux Locs is still something that can help you to feel like a member of the precious Caribbean islands. What more, enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite reggae music from Bob Marley is only some sort of means that can help you to get into the mood and the feel of this particular hairstyle.

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