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You may be looking to buy your first hair dryer in 2016 or to replace your old hair blow dryer. You may be looking to buy a professional hair dryer or simply a portable travel hair dryer. There are certain points to consider in order buying a best hair dryer. The technology used like ionic and materials like ceramic tourmaline determines their quality. Type of your hair like natural hair, curly or coarse, thick or frizzy hair also affects the selection of such hair styling tools.

So as to help you in finding the best we have listed here all the important points and detail hair dryer reviews later on in the post. We have prepared a special comparison guide to best hair dryer 2016 below so as to find the best one quickly.

Know your Best Hair dryer

It is always good to know more about the tools we use on frequent basis as it helps us in using then in better and effective manner. The blow dryers have basically three controls on off switch, temperature control switch and air flow control switch.

These dryers have one thermostat and a variable speed fan motor as their main circuitry. They work by blowing hot air on your wet hair thereby making the evaporation process faster and drying up your hair faster. The power of dryers is in the wattage rating, mostly above 1875 W power dryers work perfectly.

Technology used in Hair Blow Dryers

Mainly three different words crop up when we discuss about the technology used in hair blow dryer ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. These qualities will remain constant irrespective of you finding a best hair dryer 2014, 2015 or so.

Ionic: Our hair in the normal state contains positive charge. Ionic dryers produce negatively charged ions and these negative ions neutralises the positive hair charge. This makes your hair super smooth, silky and frizz free. Ionic hair dryer helps sealing in the moisture and cuticle which reduces the drying time significantly. Some of the high end models have a switch which allows you to control the amount of negative ions too. Most of the best professional hair dryer employs this ionic technology.

Ceramic: Ceramic material allows even distribution of heat this eliminates the formation of heat spots. Ceramic material is used in dryer heating element, coating or even its body.

Tourmaline: This material is one of the best infrared and ionic generators. It speeds up and enhances the process of negative ion generation. This is also used as a heating element or in other parts of the dryer. Tourmaline hair dryer is very good for your hair. These ceramic and tourmaline are the main building blocks of a professional hair dryer.

Infrared: This is also known as far infrared and it is basically a heating method for providing even regular heat. This dries your hair inside out evenly and with minimum damage.

Important Features of Best Hair dryers

After knowing the above things about them now you must be provided with a sort of check list of important features which you should look in an ideal hair blow dryer.

Variable Temperature: Drying up of your hair is heavily dependent on the air flow and its hotness. But very hot air will certainly have damaging effects on your hair if used on regular basis. So how much temperature is ideal depends upon the type of your hair. Fine or natural hair needs to be dried at lower temperatures whereas curly, thick and frizzy hair requires higher temperatures.

Air flow: This feature determines how quickly your hair gets dry up and also the volume you get. But again the best hair dryer for fine hair is with low air flow and best hair dryer for curly hair is the one with high air flow. So it must have different air flow settings so that you are able to use it according to your hair types.

Dual Voltage: This feature is very important especially if you are a frequent international traveller. Dual voltage hair dryer works on two voltages 110/120V and 220/240V. So the dual voltage hair dryer can be used anywhere in the world whereas the one which work on single voltage at 110/120V can be used only in US and Canada.

Cool Shot: After making your hair dry and a turning then into a beautiful looking hair style you need this feature to set that particular hair style in place. They emit cold air to seal hair shaft closed to prevent your style from disturbing.

Weight: Weight of a dryer is very important when we take into the consideration of long hair styling hours. The heavier ones will certainly have a toll on your arm and wrists when using them for longer periods of time. So look for medium to light weight models for easy handling and without injuring your wrists.

Detachable air filter: It is very useful to have a detachable air filter so that you can remove it after hair styling and clean it. This will help in making the life of a dryer longer.

Noise Level: The dryers having noise level fewer than 60 decibels are considered as ear friendly. So take this point into consideration while buying you styling tool. The quiet hair dryer should be the best choice.

The professional hair dryer is likely to have all such features and accessories. But your personal hair blow dryer may not have all this. The professional models use AC current motors as compared to DC motors used in cheap personal dryers. You must try to buy a professional quality models as these will not only work for longer periods of time but also they will be more friendly and useful to your hair.

Wattage Guide for best results

Well the most important point you need to take care of while using these hair styling tools is that you continuously move your dryer on your hair. This will prevent excessive heat exposure on any particular section of your hair. Besides this there is an ideal wattage guide for minimum damage and better results according to your hair types for top rated hair dryers 2015.

Useful for
1100-1300 Fine, thin and natural hair
1300-1600 Medium, straight, normal, and wavy hair
1600-2100 Thick, curly coarse hair

Best Hair Dryer Reviews

After discussing all the important points before buying a best hair dryer now we must give some reviews of best selling models and brands so that you can have more details about particular models in order to make a best buying decision.

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt Dryer

best hair dryerBabyliss brand is one of the best known brands in the field of hair styling. They have a variety of great hair styling tools like flat irons, hair dryers and others. This Babyliss hair dryer packs a punch with almost all the important features you would require in a great tool.

This Babyliss pro hair dryer has a 2000 Watt power capacity and it employs an ionic technology and generates far infrared heat for better results.

It is made from high quality commercial grade porcelain ceramic material to give to very high heat and great air flow pressure.

This ionic hair dryer runs on AC which gives it a longer life as compared to DC motor models. It has 6 heat settings which allows you to control it speed according to your hair types like natural hair, fine hair and curly or thick hair.

It also has a cool shot feature for setting your hair style. Another important feature in this model is the removable air filter so that you are able to clean it after you are done with hair styling. This is not a dual voltage hair dryer though.

Based on best hair dryer reviews at Amazon it has received a very good rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. It has been reviewed by over 1000 customers who prove its popularity and its effectiveness. It is available at a discount of around 60% at a price of $57 only. To see more reviews and buy this click BaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt Dryer, Black

Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo Hair Dryer

twin turbo hair dryerThis twin turbo hair dryer is one of the most elegant and stylish blow dryers. This is a powerful professional hair dryer with a power rating of 1900 watts. It gives 79 cu meter air per hour for quick drying.

It has 4 heats setting options and 2 speed settings for better control and making it useful for all hair types like natural, fine and curly hair. It also gives instant cold air for setting the hair style.

It comes with anti over heating device and a detachable air filter made of stainless steel. The long power cord of 3 meters makes it easy to handle and it also comes with two concentrator nozzles.

This lightweight made in Italy is one of the best professional hair dryer 2016 which is equally effective and useful for personal use. It is always wise to spend some more money on such type of tools rather than on cheaper drugstore models which are even available around $15-20 range as those are more likely to damage your hair.

This one of the best hair dryer is priced at around $90 only including a discount of 30%. This twin turbo hair dryer has got a user rating of 4.6 as per hair dryer reviews by over 150 customers at Amazon. To check more reviews and buy click Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo Hair Dryer, Black, 36.8 Ounce

Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer, 2000 Watt

best professional hair dryerThis Rusk hair dryer is very lightweight and quiet styling tool. It uses best materials grill of ceramic infused with tourmaline to give you the best results.

It has a motor of 2000 watt and makes it very powerful best professional hair dryer. This ionic hair dryer is much better as compared to drugstore blow dryers. It has 7 temperature settings and speed settings to adjust according to your hair types.

It also has cold shot feature for sealing the hair styling. Its 8 feet power cords it extremely useful in better handling. It comes with a concentrator nozzle as a part of its very useful accessories. It gives you smooth and silkier hair.

It has been given a user rating of 4.6 by over 130 customers in their best hair dryer reviews on Amazon. It is available at a whopping discount of over 65% at $64 only. To buy this and see more reviews click Rusk W8less Professional Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer, 2000 Watt

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer

ionic hair dryerThis Bio ionic hair dryer is one of most powerful and lightweight blow dryer. It has conditioned nano beads in barrel for giving you quick drying and enhanced hair conditioning.

It employs a powerful motor with a capacity of 1875 watt for proving faster and safe operations. It has AC motor which will last longer.

It removes the frizz and makes your hair smooth and shiny in addition to hydrating them. The negative ion emitted by this blow dryer helps in cleaning and deodorizing your hair.

It is very useful for all types like natural, fine and curly, kinky hair. This one of the best hair dryer 2014, 2015 ever has got user rating of 4.4 stars on the basis of hair dryer reviews given by lot of satisfied customers.

It is available at a heavy discount of 70% at $88 only. To know more about reviews and to buy this great daily use styling tool click Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer

Solano SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer

best hair dryer for fine hairSolano hair dryer employs far infrared heat to achieve faster drying. It uses 1875 watt capacity power motor for providing optimal performance.

It uses ceramic for even distribution of heat and tourmaline for adding extra shine to your stylish waves.

It generates very low amount of electromagnetic field for better environment. It has AC motor better and longer performance.

It has 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings. It also has a removable air filter for easy cleaning. The cold shot feature makes it more effective as far great hair styling is concerned. It comes with 2 concentrators for more accurate styling.

This blow dryer is one of the best hair dryers around. It is very convenient to handle with its extra long power cord. It also has hanging ring.

As per hair cryer reviews it has received a rating of 4.3 stars. It is available for sale at a discount of over 40% at around $80. To see more feedback and reviews and to buy this beautiful tool click Solano SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer, Black

Useful Hair dryer Accessories

There are some accessories which you must know about. These will enhance the hair styling experience.

Diffusers: Diffusers help in drying your hair quickly by lifting up and separating your hair. They diffuse the heat and are very useful for damaged hair.So your hair will be exposed to heat for lesser time. They also increase the smoothness and eliminate the frizz.

Concentrators: These allow you to control the air thrown on to your hair. You can use concentrators for making accurate styles and drying of your hair. Some of the models come with concentrators or your can buy them separately too.

Nozzle: It allows you to focus the air on your hair for better hair styling. So you can look for small nozzles for blowing out your hair for getting accurate hair styling.

Hair dryer Holder and Wall mount stands: These accessories will surely help you in saving space and managing your equipment in a better way.

Your thoughts on Best Hair Dryer Reviews 2016

We have tried to cover maximum yet important details about best hair dryer 2016, 2017. The above hair dryer reviews provide you detailed information on buying a great professional hair dryer, best hair dryer for curly hair, best hair dryer for fine hair, natural hair and for daily use.

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