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As for all, hair is one of the most important thing, so for fabulous look or to prevent hair from damage we try our best. For better style there are various tools available in market. After a lot of research we found flat iron is best tool to make your hair more stylish. We designed this website for you to choose best flat iron 2017 for your hair type like natural hair, black hair, African American, curly, fine etc.

How to use Best Flat Iron 2017

With the use of Flat Iron we can straight our hair in short span of time, but for proper straightening of hair we need to follow proper technique for better results that keep your hair straight for whole day.

  • Step1: Use good hair Shampoo or Conditioner product that give assurance of straightening.
  • Step2: After shampoo, use towel gently on hair to drain/pullout water from hair. Removing excess water prevents excess curls after showering.
  • Step3: Use a simple blow dryer to dry air, to get better result from flat iron, by doing this it will also reduce your hair from being shock by the heat and breaking off.
  • Step4: Turn on your flat iron straightener and adjust heat according to your hair type , hair types means your hair is curly or thin. If your hair is thin, make sure to set your flat iron tool to the lowest number to avoid damaging of hair and it also prevents your scalp from burning. So, I am going to mention normal temperature range required according to your hair type.

Temperature range:

For medium hair temperature should be in range from 360 degree to 380 degree.

For Curly hair temperature should be in range from 380 degree to 410 degree.

For thin hair temperature should be 360 degree.

On what principal it works

One question always comes in our mind on what principal it works. Now I am going to discuss this thing in simple lay man language. Flat iron tool is work on principal of both infrared and negative ion technology. As everybody knows hair is positive charge so to neutralize the effect of positive charge me need an opposite charge i.e. negative charge, it means flat iron tool emits negative charge and then it combines with positively charged hair and neutralize these opposite charges and this will make our hair smooth and silky. Now what is the use of Infrared light in Flat Iron? We know infrared rays have good wavelength and high frequency when we operate tool on our hair strands these infrared rays goes deep in to hair strands and drying our hair from inside this will make our hair more smooth and silky.

Types of Best Hair Straightener

There are various types of Flat Iron tools available in market like:

  1. Ceramic Flat Iron
  2. Titanium Flat Iron
  3. Tourmaline Flat Iron

The difference among three is type of plates used by different manufacturers.

Ceramic Flat Iron:

Ceramic Flat Iron is combination of both Infrared and Negative Ion technique as already described above. Ceramic flat iron tool is cheapest among all other available tool in markets.

Not all Ceramic tools are designed equally by manufacturers ,in market you find that are only ceramic coated plates not proper ceramic plates because of this their price varies in market. The cost of tool depends upon type of plate used in tool.

Product that uses pure ceramic plates is best tool or product for your hair. Don’t think too much just pick that tool if you need an economical Flat Iron tool for your hair.

Titanium Flat Iron:

Titanium is best ever tool for hair straightening among all, if plates used in hair straightening tool are made up of titanium it reduces frizz in hair, this metal is as strong as steel but 40% lighter than steel. Titanium is good   conductor of heat that offers high temperature as comparison to others along with this titanium metal increases the ratio of negative ions also this unique property of titanium makes hair straight, smooth and sleek in short span of time.

Tourmaline Flat Iron:

     Hold your hands; we are going to discuss a new thing that makes it unique from ceramic and Titanium. Tourmaline is not a material that is used in Flat Iron Tool, it is a stone that is first crushed in powder form and then diffused over plates to give more negative ions as compared to normal Flat iron Tool. More ions prevent your hair to get less damage and completely rid of the problem of frizz.

Best Flat Iron for natural hair 2017 Reviews

Above table contains list of best flat iron for your hair but here i would like to review some best flat iron that is mostly like or even used by customers from last 3 or 4 years by which you can pick a best flat iron for natural hair, black hair, curly hair, and even for African American hair. These flat iron comes in the list of best flat iron  guide and got maximum star rating in the year 2013,2014 and 2015 .

Solia Professional Ceramic Ion FLAT iron (1-3/4”)

Hair straightener become famous from last few years for better styling and proper straightening at your home or anywhere and save your saloon time. People prefer to make hair style according to fashion. Today best and easy hair style to look perfect is just straight your hair with the help of hair straightener. Solia iron is good option.

 If you are going to purchase best flat iron you must be aware of all the features a good iron have; like its temperature range, what type of plates a good brand is using in iron , and other technical things about a iron, the most important thing is to note down your hair type whether you have curly, thick or thin hair so that you can set temperature according to your hair quality.

Solia Iron brand use ceramic ion and dynamic alignment system in tool that ensures proper contact between hair and plate that are on both sides of iron, because of this proper contact it generates proper distribution of heat on the proper hair strands area that will leads to proper hair straightening.

Ceramic/Tourmaline technique generates bulk amount of negative ion that rejuvenate thirsty hair.

There is a knob near to lower side of plate by which we can set temperature range from 300 F to 370 F.

With this iron we can make different style but I think the style depends upon how healthy your hair is (curly, thin, thick, African American) or style that fit to your face.

For better results after use of iron use a normal blow hair dryer and hair setting serum on your hair that reduces curls and set your hair straight all day that gives you a perfect look.

After lot of research I found Solia is very durable and easy to use iron that comes with an international warranty period of one year.One thing that makes it unique it can also use on damp hair also .

This Solia best flat iron got 4.3 star rating on Amazon that will make your natural black hair tangle free, shiny, silky and good looking. 

Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, 1 inch

The second most successful brand i.e. brocato is being used by customers all over the world and is suggested by professional hair stylist to get tangle and frizz free hair.

Brocato Iron comes with different plate size ranging from 0.5 inch to 1.75 inch.

This iron is designed using Tourmaline ceramic plates best plate ever used in hair straightener, have you notice a word vibrastrait in the brocato in title mentioned above for this iron this word represents a technique that make it unique from others I.e it generates oscillations/vibrations (7500 per minute) by this feature hair damage is negligible and this will set your hair frizz free, shiny, silky for a long time.

This flat iron operates under temperature range from 190 to 450 F by which you can set temperature according to your hair texture that protect your hair from extra heat that leads to hair damage and other problems.

This is one of the best tourmaline ceramic flat iron fully loaded with features like oscillations/vibration, ideally good for all hair types, auto shut off feature, ergonomic design for easy handling.

Now come to reviews section by which you can decide whether this product is worth for you or not. This product has been used by customers since 2013 and shared their experience after usage and this Flat Iron got 4.5 star rating at amazon.

Its actual cost is $121.90.According to customer reviews if you have a budget between $ 100 to $ 130 this product is best option for you and this product comes with warranty period of 3 years. To buy and know more about this product click on link Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, 1 inch.

 BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1 Inch

Have you ever heard about baby bliss best flat iron for natural hair? Baby bliss is very famous brand for designing flat irons using titanium plates. It comes with a wide range of variety and price so that you can choose according to your hair texture and budget this brand can easily fit in to budget of every person who need an affordable best flat iron.

            This baby bliss best flat iron for natural black hair comes with very fine quality of titanium plates, before the invention of usage of titanium plates in iron ceramic plates are used. The purpose of using titanium plates is that it generates more negative ions as comparison to ceramic due to these plates the straightening speed automatically increases and this iron maintains heating level for a longer period of time. By which with lesser passage of iron from your hair you can straight your hair anytime without facing any problem of hair damage.

            This flat iron generates 150000 ions/cm3 that eliminate the problem of frizziness and produce shiny and silky hair. So that’s why this flat iron is ideal for African American, natural, black, fine hair.

            Baby Bliss hair straightener got around 4.1 star rating with 1000 reviews at Amazon from last 4 to 5 years or after reading all the reviews this is the best flat iron in 2015.It comes with 4 year warranty ,and it can easily operate on dual voltage without using converter.

            At Amazon it is available with affordable price of $111. You can check out more details about this product and to buy this click on the link BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1 Inch.


HSI is one of the best hair solution company that is producer of wide variety of products for your hair like Flat Iron, Curling Iron, Hair Dryers and many more other products with wide range. If there is a need of solid ceramic tourmaline iron then HSI flat iron would be better option for you. It is very popular among people for their daily hair styling needs .

HSI flat iron is power packed with ceramic tourmaline ionic plates that will straight your hair without damaging and the result of this product is so good you can’t live without using this product on your black natural hair. It also has advanced infrared ceramic heat technology that distributes heat equally to your hair strands and protect outermost membranous layer of hair at same time.

This flat iron have bright LCD screen to control temperature for smooth functioning, its maximum set up temperature range is 450 F and operate under 110v and 220v. All these features of this flat iron make it ideal for natural , black, African American hair texture.

At this economical price tag this flat iron got 4.4 star rating from best reviewers at Amazon , along with this you will get 5 ml bottle of Argon Oil Leave as a complementary product with this best economical FLAT IRON in 2016 from Amazon.

Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron , 1″ Floating Plates

There is always a lot of noise in market of Flat Iron regarding its design and features,but after reading reviews on different websites about this  flat iron , this comes under category of best ceramic flat iron and also recommended by best hair stylist across the world.

The flat iron is worth option for those who want to use this in limited space or travel frequently because of its sleek and compact design.

The iron releases heat smartly on your hair to make your straight without leaving the prints of frizz on your hair and you can make different curls on your hair with this flat iron.

The  multiple coating of good quality ceramic material over plates in this iron with dual floating technique, helps you to make your hair straight and curly with no pull.

We can use this Flat Iron after 30 to 60 seconds  because of its frequent heat up feature, and after the use of iron it starts cooling down and we can vary the temperature range  from 140 F to 450 F, because of this feature, iron is best option for all hair type and for Brazilian Keratin treatment.

The flat iron is designed on pattern of both negative ions and infrared rays technique that makes  your hair damage free, that’s why it is best in class of ceramic flat iron of economical range, and also a star for those who worried about damage and breakage of hair after use of flat iron.

There is an interface, on the lower edge of  upper  plate,with dark blue light to set temperature of flat iron according to your hair and it also has 30 minutes auto shut down feature means if you forgot to shut off it automatically turns off after 30 minutes and keep you safe all time from electric shock and save your electricity bill.

After all this I can say that for better results like saloon at home this product never let you down , and is available at  affordable price of $90 on Amazon after discount of 55% with excellent star rating of 4.3 .

Your Views on Best Flat Iron 2016

In this guide we reviewed top 5 flat iron that helps you to stop your hunt for what you are looking for your best black hair,natural hair, even for thick, curly hair as per your requirements. Through this guide you could easily understand how a good straightener helps you to keep your hair more stylish and gorgeous and completely solve the problem of hair damage as comparison to other cheap flat iron available in market.

There is abundant amount of information available on our site read it properly and calmly and pick your best one that suits you according to your hair texture.We designed this guide for those who do a lot of research before purchase of best flat iron so my friends all the best i have narrowed my research for all my friends about best flat iron ever.

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