21 quick hairstyles

quick hairstyles

When you are running late, you have to make sure that you get everything in order. You need to take care of your lunch, as well as your make-up at the same time. Making the hair takes a long time for women, so, there are a few hairstyles that can be done in just under […]

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Girls must know these Emo Hairstyles

image 15

When the word emo comes your mind, you think about something related to goth. The image of a sad and lonely girl will definitely creep into your mind. However, although emo is an abbreviation for emotional, and there is a genre dedicated to such kind of songs, it is in fact the opposite when it […]

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20 back to school hairstyles

image 9

It can be painful for students to go back to school after the summer gets over. Well, it can be a lot of fun to purchase new clothes, collect supplies, and engage in new work and get good grades, it is also traumatic for people to come up with a new style for a new […]

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Faux Locs

image 3

Noted as a daring hairstyle for reggae lovers, the Faux Locs or dreadlocks have been extremely popular amongst the people from the Caribbean. African Americans women prefer to go for using this particular hairstyle is it not only reflects their sense of style, but it also ensures that they can associate themselves with this generation. […]

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